Dec 2013

Global Fund and IFPMA Announce Partnership Against Fake Medicines

The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria held its fourth fundraising meeting, or “voluntary replenishment,” in Washington, DC last week. Hosted by the United States government, the meeting convened world leaders, philanthropists, luminaries and heads of private-sector outfits to pledge financial contributions to the fund to support its work over the next three years.

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India's Ostrich Drug Policy

Rather than address directly the problems within its industry, India’s Commerce Department and drug industry affiliate groups are claiming “vested interests” are at work to unfairly undermine its reputation. “India is showcasing its best pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities to regulators from emerging economies to counter adverse publicity the country's drug industry has endured in recent times”, reported the Economic Times. 

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U.S. doctor questions effectiveness of Ranbaxy drugs

A cardiologist from Cleveland, Ohio, has come forward to question the effectiveness of drugs made by Ranbaxy, the India-based pharmaceuticals company that pleaded guilty in May 2013 to seven felonies in a case brought by the U.S Department of Justice.

Citing several cases of health issues faced by patients of his who used Ranbaxy drugs, Harry Lever of the Cleveland Clinic said that those whose symptoms were either worsening or not improving with these drugs saw significant improvement after he switched them to drugs made by other manufacturers.

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